I wish you had someone that makes you smile.
Who would walk with you even for a while.

I wish you had someone to be your guide.
Someone that tells you to go left or right.

Someone to talk to, to share and to love.
Someone to show you the stars above.

Someone who can hold your hand.
In times of frustration and if you don’t understand.

Someone that will fight and pray.
Who believes in you in every way.

You need someone who is a real friend,
In joy and in sorrow will stay till the end.

I know there is someone that can fill this empty place,
He is great and amazing and full of grace.

He will listen and guide you, show you beautiful things.
In hard times He will carry you on his wings.

His name is Jesus and he is alive.
With HIM you wil survive.

He is not just someone He is so much more.
He will fill your heart with peace and joy.